5 Key Criterions to Choose the Best Driveway Gate Design for Your Home

The design of the automated driveway gates is completely different from traditional entry gates. The driveway gates also need to be selected by keeping in mind a number of key requirements. Along with determining the required strength of the entrance, a homeowner also needs to concentrate on deciding the right size and proper convenience. You also have to choose a driveway gate design that allows your car and other vehicles to enter into your premises without causing any inconvenience and delay.

Fit for Vehicles Entering into Your remises:
While selecting the driveway gate design, you must remember that it must be large enough to fit the normal as well as emergency vehicles. The size of the driveway must be decided by keeping in mind the height and width of the vehicle entering into your property on a regular basis. Also, enough width must be left on both sides of the entrance to ensure that the vehicles can enter into your residence by avoiding all types of accidents and inconveniences.

Distance between the Gate and the Road:
When a vehicle reaches your address, it has to wait for a few minutes till the driveway gate opens up. So you need to ensure that enough space is left between the road and the gate. It is also very much important to decide the design and size of the driveway only after measuring the distance between the gate and the road.

Design and Structure of the Entrance:
You have options to choose from the manual as well as automated driveway gates. Many homeowners prefer to install automated driveway entry gates to open the gates through a remote control and without leaving their vehicles. Further, you have to choose the materials like steel or wrought iron that are both strong and supportive for the large entry gates.

Compare the Slide and Swing Gate Openers:
Based on the size and design of your entrance, you have to opt for the swing gate opener or slide gate opener. The swinging gates are cheaper and more popular than the sliding gates. But these doors normally require adequate space in front or in back of the gate. On the other hand, the sliding gates require enough space on the side of the entrance. You can compare the two gate opener designs and choose the right one that suits the driveway design and size.

Operating the Driveway Gate Safely:
Based on the gate opener design, you need to ensure that the gate opens fully beyond the driveway. You must thoroughly check the functioning of the driveway gate to ensure that door does not stop partially inside the driveway. If the door does not open fully, there are always chances that the vehicles may not enter into the premises safely without hitting the open gate.

It is also advisable to avail the assistance of a professional to decide the best driveway gate design for your home to match the overall structure and design of the building.

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