A Powerful Electric Lock to Boost the Security of Your Home or Business

Are you exploring the most efficient options to strengthen your home security?

Is your door lock effective in preventing all types of unauthorized visitors and criminal trespassers?

Most homeowners nowadays install automatic driveway gates to enjoy a huge amount of privacy and security. But with thieves, burglars and other criminal trespassers using latest technologies to break into unoccupied establishments, you must consider choosing the most powerful electric lock to optimize the security arrangement of your establishment, regardless of its design and use.

At ALEKO, we have designed two electric locking devices to meet the varying security needs of clients. If you are using 24V Swing Gate Openers under AS and GG Series, our Electric Lock LM149 will meet your needs. On the other hand, the Electric Lock LM149 is designed to meet the needs of homeowners who have installed the 24V Swing Gate Openers under AS and GG Series.

Each electric lock model will lock and unlock your gates automatically, each time someone opens or closes the gate. Also, we have designed the locking devices with features that make these suitable for high wind areas and animal enclosures. We also offer one year warranty on each model that allows you to use the locking devices to secure your property without incurring any maintenance and repair expenses.