Get the Best Gate Operator to Open/Close Your Driveway Gates Seamlessly

The design, size and features of automatic driveway gates vary based on certain factors. But each homeowner wants to choose the best operator to open and close the driveway gates at his own pace and convenience. At AlekoGates, our professionals are passionate about producing durable and easy-to-use automatic driveway gates at affordable prices. Regardless of their choice of gates, we allow each client to choose from a variety of gate operators to suit his specific needs and budget.

You can always pick the right gate operator to suit the style, weight and size of your driveway gates. Regardless of the nature and type of your driveway gates, each gate operator will offer you a set of convenient and easy-to-use features.

  • A powerful 24VDC motor
  • Exceptional starting torque
  • Feature soft start/stop operation
  • Longer gate and operator life
  • Dependable performance

We have further made the gate operators more energy efficient by including a set of additional components like built-in battery backup, DC control and sensing device. These components will require you to incur some additional expenses, but these will enable your family member to open and close the gates seamlessly during power loss. You can even consider installing our optional 10W and/or 20W Solar Panel, or low-voltage wiring to operate the driveway gates over a longer period of time.

Want to know more about ALEKO Gate Operators? Just watch the video clip to decide the best gate operator for your driveway gates.