5 Easy Steps to Remove Rust from Your Iron Driveway Gates

A gradual increase is noted in the number of homeowners investing in wrought iron driveway gates. Along with providing a huge amount of safety, security and privacy, these gates are also effective in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property. Also, a homeowner has options to choose from the traditional as well as automated driveway gates based on his specific requirements.

But the iron gates and fences are often affected by rust due to being exposed to rough climate constantly. The appearance of the gates is impacted by the rust spots created by rain and snow. Also, rust can weaken the integrity of the metal. So a homeowner has to take immediate action to prevent the performance and appearance of driveways gates being affected by rust. You can always follow some simple steps to remove rust from the gates within a few minutes.

Steps to Remove Rust from Iron Driveway Gates

  1. Make the water hot, and transfer the hot water to a spray bottle. After adding the hot water, the sprayer needs to be screwed tightly.
  2. Now spray the hot water over the areas of the gate that are affected by rust. After spraying the hot water, you have to wipe the rusted areas down using a rag. The wiping down will help you in removing dirt or loose rust from the gate.
  3. Now you have to use a wire brush, and scrub the rested portions of the gate for about 10 to 15 times. While rubbing the rusted area, you have to use the brush in an up and down motion. The motion will be effective in weakening the impacts of the rust.
  4. Finally, the rust has to be misted again using hit water. You can use the rug to wipe the rust particles away from the gate. However, you can consider using a second rug, if you feel that the first rub has become dirty enough to remove the rust particles properly.
  5. For removing rust completely from the gate, there are chances that you have to repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4. However, you can also consider using a steel wool pad, if the rust is not removed completely after scrubbing. The wool pad will be used to scour the rusted portions of the gate in an up and down motion till the gate is completely free from rust.

After removing the rust from your driveway gate, it is a good idea to paint the gates to prevent the rust from returning. However, you must remove rust from the gats on a sunny and warm day to prepare the gates properly for the paint job. The repaint with the proper product will further make the gate more durable by eliminating the chance of rust in future.