A Hassle-Free Way to Paint Your Metal Driveway Gates

Each homeowner has options to choose from a wide variety of traditional as well as automated driveway gates. Once you choose the right driveway gates, these will provide a huge amount privacy, security and convenience over a longer period of time. At the same time, the gate will further optimize the aesthetic appeal and style of your property.

But the look, feel and performance of these gates will be impacted after some time, as they will be exposed constantly to harsh weather elements. You can easily transform the worn and dull-looking gates simply by applying a fresh coat of paint. However, you have to prepare the gates properly for the paint job by removing rust and applying primer.

4 Steps to Paint Your Driveway Gates

  1. Protect Your Entrance Area: When you decide to paint your gates, there are always chances that the process might cause some damage to the vegetation surrounding your entrance area. So you have to protect the vegetation using a series of drop clothes. The drop clothes can be spread out around the gates according to the vegetation surrounding the gate and ground.
  2. Remove Rust from the Gates: Before applying paint, you must use a stiff-bristled wire brush to scrape rust off the gate. Once the rust is scraped off, you have to make the rust spots smooth by using 120-grit sandpaper. Finally, you have to clear the remaining dust and debris by wiping down the gates thoroughly using a rag.
  3. Apply Primer: To make the paint job durable, you have to apply an exterior metal primer onto the rust spots on the gates. If the rust spots are heavily pitted, you have to use a paintbrush to apply the primer. Also, you must check the entire surface, and ensure that it has got a solid coating. However, you also need to use a primer in sprat format for the remaining rust spots. The spray format will make it easier for you to apply primer on the gates thoroughly. After applying the metal primer, you must allow it dry completely for about six to eight hours.
  4. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint: Once the primer becomes dry, you can apply the coat of enamel paint. However, you must find a metal paint is fully compatible with the metal primer selected by you. After spraying the finishing coat of enamel paint, you must allow the driveway gates to dry completely for about twenty-four hours. After checking the paint, you can remove the drop clothes.

If you have installed remote gate openers, it is a good idea to understand some simple measures to enhance their performance. You can even consider some simple and regular maintenance to maintain the look and appeal of your driveway gates.