Choosing the Right Gate Post to Support Your Driveway Gates

Each homeowner has options to choose from a variety of traditional and automated driveway gates. So he can easily choose the driveway gates that provide the maximum amount of privacy, security and convenience. But the performance of a driveway gate often depends on some key factors. Often your choice of gate post can also have an impact on the working of the gates. Normally, gate posts are used to provide both support and structure to the gates.

When the gate posts are installed properly, the gates can be opened and closed freely. Also, the gate posts will help in preventing the gates from getting struck if the opening or sagging or too tight. You can also choose the gate posts by keeping in mind the style of driveway gates. Some posts are designed specifically to make it easier for users to access the gate by holding it parallel to the ground. At the same time, posts are also designed to provide a solid base for the gate latch to keep the entrance shut.

Types of Gate Post: Based on your choice, the gate posts can be decorative or functional or both. The decorative gate posts are heavily ornamented to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a residential or commercial establishment. So you can choose the gate posts by keeping in mind the design, style and décor of your home exterior. On the other hand, the functional gate posts are designed to provide adequate support to the gates. However, the gates can also be decorative to complement the look and style of the property.

Key Features: You must concentrate on some key features while choosing the functional as well as decorative gate posts. The gate posts are made using a variety of materials including metal, wood and heavy-duty plastic. So you must choose the posts that are sturdy enough to support the gates over a longer period of time. Also, you need to pick a material that is effective in resisting rain, sunlight, snow and other harsh weather elements. Most gate posts are available in pairs. One post is used to support the gate, whereas the other supports the gate latch. However, the enhanced width of some gates needs to be supported with multiple gate posts.

Size: It is always a good idea to decide the size of the gate post according to the height, width and weight of the gates. You need to evaluate the posts, and ensure that the one selected by you is providing adequate support to the gates. However, the gate posts must be cemented by at least 2 inches into the ground. Also, the heavier and wider gates will require heavier gate posts that need to be installed by sinking deeper into the grounds. So you can choose the gate pos after deciding the driveway gates.

It is always important to choose gate posts by keeping in mind the size, design and style of the driveway gates. Also, you need to choose posts that are effective in providing adequate support to the gate based on its weight.