Customized Dog Kennels to Keep Your Pet Comfortable in All Weather Conditions

Are you looking for a kennel to keep your dogs comfortable throughout the year?

Do you want to build a customized dog kennel to constantly provide sunlight and fresh air to your pet?

At AlekoGates, we understand how many people love their pets just like their children. Our team of seasoned professional also knows how the choice of dog kennels varies from one individual to another. So our team has designed the kennels with utmost care to keep your pets comfortable throughout the year, regardless of your needs. You can simply browse through the Dog kennel section of our website to check different models with comprehensive description and images. Each kennel is made using rust-resistant galvanized steel to resist harsh weather conditions.

Further, the size of the kennel is determined by keeping in mind the maximum amount of space required by your pet to run and play in a safe and comfortable way. Based on the kennel design selected by you, we will send you a single box that contains the kennel and simple frame assembly. You can simply use a set of simple hand tools to assemble the kennel without putting any extra time and effort. Once you assemble the DIY dog kennel, your dog will remain healthy by getting fresh air and sunlight on a regular basis. We ship the DIY dog kennel box within 24 hours along with offering a 2-year warranty.