An Innovative Exit Wand to Open Your Driveway Gates Automatically when a Vehicle Passes

The automatic driveway gates can complement the security needs of both commercial and residential establishments. In addition to provide a huge amount of security, privacy and convenience, the driveway gates are also effective in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. A homeowner also has option to install solar-powered driveway gates to secure his property without increasing monthly electricity bills. But most homeowners often look for innovative accessories to open and close the automatic driveway gates in a quick and hassle-free way.

As a popular web store, AlekoGates has built a reputation by offering a variety of traditional and automatic wrought iron driveway gates. Along with launching innovative driveway gate models at regular intervals, our team also explore options to enable the experience of our clients. We also offer a variety of accessories that help your clients to operate the driveway gates in a quicker and easier way. We have recently launched the ALEKO® LM157 Exit Sensor Underground Automatic Gate Opener Exit Wand that opens the driveway gate whenever a vehicle passes.

The accessories will make it easier for homeowners to open the gates through the remote control device or keypad when someone is leaving their premises. In addition to being innovative, the automatic gate opener exit wand will also operate through solar energy. So you can use the accessory without draining the gate opener battery. We also include 50ft feet of cable in the gate opener exit wand kit to make the installation faster and easier. The exit wand can complement several driveway gate models including AS450, AS600, AS650, AS900, AS1200, AS1300, GG450, GG650, GG900 and GG1300. You can purchase the accessory from our web store to avail free shipping along with 2 years warranty. Read more...