High Quality Electric Gate Openers to Complement Your Driveway Gate Style

The choice of driveway gates varies from one homeowner to another. But each homeowner opts for driveway gates according to the design and size of his driveway entrance. A homeowner also has to consider several factors when he decides to avail a huge amount of privacy and security by installing automatic gate openers. The electric gate openers also need to be selected according to the height, width and style of the driveway gates. In other words, each homeowner has to choose electric gate openers that perfectly complement his driveway gates.

At AlekoGates, we have designed a wide variety of electric gate openers by keeping in mind the distinct needs of clients. If you have installed swing driveway gates, you have option to choose from our dual swing or single swing gate openers. Similarly, you have options to pick from the chain driven or gear driven designs of slide gate openers. At the same time, you also have option to pick the gate opener according to the length and weight of your driveway gates.

Each model of electric gate openers is further designed with a high power motor to operate your driveway gates over a longer period of time. Further, each gate openers comes with the remote controls that you can use to open and close the gates conveniently. Also, the gate opener kit includes the mounting hardware and accessories required to motorize your existing driveway gates. You can further read the instruction manual to install the gate opener on your own by following a set of step by step installation instructions.

Browse through our collection of electric gate openers to understand the features and functionality of each model.