Regular Maintenance to Optimize the Performance of Automatic Gate Opener
Some simple maintenance and cleaning measures can optimize the performance of your automatic gates. But you need to keep the opener and gates clean on a regular basis.

Each homeowner invests time, efforts and money to select and install the best gates and openers. Many people even prefer buying automatic gates from reputable manufacturers offering longer product warranty. But the performance and durability of your entrance will be impacted, if you do not concentrate on simple maintenances. When you maintain the automatic gate openers, you can further avoid high servicing and repair expenses.

  1. If you have installed the swing-type assembly, the hinges on the gates needs to be greased at regular intervals. Normally, the hinges are placed where the gates are attached to the wall or post. You can start greasing the hinge by coating the moving mechanism with the lubricant. Also, the moving mechanism needs to be opened and closed several time to allow the grease to enter into other moving parts. It is also advisable to drop some lubricant on top of the hinge, and allow the oil to drip down the entire assembly.
  2. If you have installed sliding gates, the chain drive needs to be lubricated in a manner similar to the hinges. If you are not able to locate the chain drive, the user manual will help you in finding the chain drive. You can apply a generous amount of grease on various parts of the chain drive to open and close the sliding gates at a faster and more convenient way.
  3. If you are living under inclement weather conditions, the hinges of your actuator or single-arm gates must be sprayed with a silicon spray. The silicon spray will prevent the freezing up of the hinges during the winter season. Similarly, you have to place mothballs inside the control box of your automatic gate openers to prevent deter the formation and nesting of the pests and protecting the wiring.
  4. The push-pull tubes of all types of automatic gate openers need to be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. You can clean the tube each month using a soft cloth and apply silicon spray on various parts of the automatic gates and openers. Also, you have to maintain remote control periodically by blowing out the compressed air. The procedure will be similar to the way you clean and maintain your computer keyboard.
  5. When you do these maintenance on a regular basis, you have to invest a few minutes. But these measures can help you in optimizing the performance of your gates by avoiding major repairs and replacements.

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